Tuesday, March 1, 2011

some passing thoughts i had today

michelle williams is my hair inspiration. i'm always girl crushin on her bangs.
and she looks super cute with a pixie cut too. lucky woman.

golf season is here. we have an interesting relationship, golf and i.
today, i really like it.

oh yeah, it's march now.

is there some kind of super food you can eat that will make your eyelashes grow?
just wondering.

i went and got my good grades donuts from krispy kreme last night, but they only give you the plain glazed ones. i've been craving craving craving the sour cream ones though.


Kari said...

Chocolate covered with sprinkles. Best donuts ever. Yep. :)

Also, I gave you a little award on my blog. Go check it out, share some new facts about you, and pass it on! :)

Anonymous said...

i totally need something that will make my eyelashes grow. if you happen to find that something let a girl know?? =) your blog is very cute.