Monday, March 21, 2011

wall of shame

actors of which i am not fond for one reason or another
(hopefully they don't come hunt me down..)

joan cusack.
(which is a huge bummer because she voices jessie in toy story.)

brendan fraser.

matthew mccaughnoaghauneghy.

billy bob thornton.
(angelina jolie obviously doesn't like him that much either.)

chris cooper.

bill murray.
uggghhh. of all these people, he'd be the first one i'd vote off the island.

there are probably some others as well that aren't coming to mind.

oh, there was a time when i didn't like bradley cooper much.
but since i started watching alias, he's grown on me.

which actors don't you particularly like?


Mallory said...

Adam sandler. Adam sandler. Nicholas cage. Adam sandler.

jenna said...

ooh man, you hit that spot one, even the bradley cooper thing. but i do sometimes like matthew mccaughnahghgsh. but i cannot, CANNOT, stand jim carrey. adam sandler isn't a favourite either. or jane lynch.

kylie said...

scarlet johansson.

lisa said...

The girl in taken. She literally has to run everywhere, and it's weird. Every actor/actress in sonny with a chance.

Hilary said...

I don't like Jim Carrey, Eddie Murphy or Bill Murray. I don't like any of them at all. At all.
So much so, that I'm not going to take the five seconds to check the spelling on their names. I don't care at all.

Natalie Speth said...

How can you not like Will? I love Bradly Cooper, especially post 1st season! I can't believe it took you this long to fall in love with Alias.

[love, kati] said...

kristen stewart.
amanda seyfried.
oh, and I love t. swift, but not as an actress.

...i guess i tend to hate on girls?
who knew.

meg. said...

adam sandler.

he is the worst.

Eryn said...

tom hanks. i hate that guy.

Brissa said...

every time i see him in a commercial i want to punch his stupid face.