Wednesday, March 23, 2011

my brain is exploding a little bit.

Right now, I'm loving this knit hat. Too bad my sister just barely told me she had it a couple days ago. I could have been wearing it all winter! Ah well.

I saw my second grade teacher today and talked to her for a minute. Senora Huerta. She was one of my favorite teachers, and she seemed really impressed when I told her I passed the AP spanish test. The Emperor's New Groove came out the year I was in second grade. She let us watch it in class because we were learning about the incan empire. Elementary school is a pretty sweet deal.

It is impossible not to laugh while watching the "baby laughing while ripping paper" youtube video. Oh man. That was exactly what I needed today.

This week has been fweaking busy. And is just getting busier. Tomorrow I have a golf tournament. And the weather man says to expect snow. Woo. Golfing in the snow is not so great. Then immediately after my tournament I have to hurry and come home, shower, get cute, and go to the senior dinner dance. Oh, and I have to manage not to fail government too.

Whew. End of term is crazy. Wish me luck guys.


sydnee said...

thank you for the baby laughing video.
those videos seem to always make your day.

lisa said...

I know how you feel, there is a softball game tomorrow.. And we don't even get time to shower! Softball team will be lookin reeeal cute.