Tuesday, March 22, 2011

if i was a room

i saw this room here a while ago, and after looking at it for a few seconds, i was like holy hannah.
if i was a room, this is exactly what i would look like.

here's why:

1. grey walls. grey is one of my favorite colors. weird, i know. i wear something grey everyday i think. plus, i think it's a great wall color.

2. that plaid blanket on the chair. i'm definitely a plaid kind of girl.

3. giant map on the wall. i have a weird map/globe fettish. i can look at them for hours. and i anticipate have many of them in my future home.

4. the mustard rug on the wood floors. first of all, wood floors are my favorite. and then yellow is one of my favorite colors too.

5. lotsa lotsa books. i love books. i love how they look and smell and feel. oh, and i like reading them too.

6. a comfortable amount of clutter. because i'm not a naturally spic-and-span kind of person. i like places that look lived in and comfortable.

7. pretty natural light.

8. that sweet red chair.

9. dishes on the coffee table. i have a thing for cute dishes.

10. a really cozy looking down comforter.

i'm not exactly sure if a stuffed pheasant defines me. maybe it does.


[jessica] said...

so... i'm really digging the somewhat awkwardly placed turquoise couch. like, really digging it.

consider your room dug.

kylie said...

i love this room, too. when it is yours, can i come over and hang out? ok thanks.

Cole said...

The pheasant hides the secret microphone ... duh!