Thursday, March 3, 2011

not a morning person

fetus face (fēt´us feys): the condition of a person's face upon waking up.
ie, eyes swollen shut, pillow lines on cheeks. basically an extra puffy face.

I suffered from extreme fetus face this morning. I couldn't open my eyes all the way until 3rd period. Love it when that happens.

On the brighter side...
Boys soccer tryouts are happening.
Walking out to my car by the field after school suddenly became fun.


beka said...

hahaha boys soccer season was my favoite! i always parked at the rec center so i could walk by veeeery slowly after school and watch them.

kylie said...

i'm so glad that my morning condition has a technical term.
also, men's soccer is hot.

Kaleena J. said...

fetus face? wtf!! haha awesome.

Hailey said...

hahah fetus face is the best thing I've ever heard
also, you gotta love them soccer boys.