Wednesday, March 16, 2011

true or false

1. it's a taylor swift kind of week.

2. kylie and i were sort of compared to matt damon and ben affleck, which was a huge compliment.

3. i'm definitely an introvert. times 5.

4. i'm craving a little sun + palm trees + pool.

5. my 65+ year old male government teacher quoted The Devil Wears Prada in class.

If you answered True for all of the above,
you are correct.


robyn.fitts said...

oh boy.
i love your blog.

kylie said...

1. yes it is.
2. yes it is. for real. almost cried. do you want to be ben or matt?
3. interesting. because i'm like your polar opposite but we're like...related.
4. for realsies.
5. awesome. what did he say.

keep it real.

Cole said...

2.I've thought that for years, (doesn't everyone at least look like Matt Damon?), too, except I'm maybe X10