Wednesday, March 30, 2011

it was a series of unfortunate events

today started out awesome.

i had an awesome hair day. and people were cracking up at my video in the assembly. it was great.

it was awesome until like 6:30.

then it was a sequence of embarrassing moments.

to name one: have you ever locked your keys in the car while it was still running? i have.

ok, today should probably be over now.


kylie said...

today was totally a series of unfortunate events for me, too. i didn't even have good hair.
but your video was rad. and maybe someday we will go to the dollar theatre.
i hope tomorrow is better. i hope tomorrow is like "tangled".

meg. said...

i always leave my keys in rita while she is running.

so embarrassing.

lisa said...

Weird weird weird weird.
I used the exact phrase, "a serious of unfortunate events" to describe kati's mishaps today.
That's a phrase I don't use very often..

Anonymous said...

awesome hair days make me smile! oh and you've been tagged in my post =)s

[love, kati] said...

like lisa mentioned, tons of things went oddly wrong.
thought i lost my phone, a jar of dirt broke in my bag, we got on the bus to go to my game and it was canceled, a whole bag of honey nut cheerios spilled on the passenger seat of my car.

hooray for bad days.
i feel better that others have them too.