Saturday, March 26, 2011

this one time..

we saw a lady taking her pet raccoon for a walk.
no big deal.


[jessica] said...

that weirds me out big time.

don't all raccoons have rabies?
oh well, her risk i guess.

:) jess

lisa said...

Hahaha it's huge!! That is too funny.

kylie said...

bwahahahahhahaa i totally forgot about this whole incident! best day ever.

Cole said...

remember when it was having a tantrum and wouldn't walk any more so she had to pick it up and carry it? oh, my

Mallory said...


meg. said...

jason west had a pet raccoon once.


Jac said...

whatttttt! so nuts!

Brissa said...

who has a pet raccoon anymore?
geez lady, that is sooo 1997.