Saturday, May 16, 2009

On the 16th of May...

Whilst Nicole was partying hard core at morp all day, here is what I did:
  • woke up at 10:30
  • was drafted into helping clean the garage (this included scraping dirt out from between the cracks in the floor. random? yes)
  • made french toast
  • took a shower
  • went to the pizza factory and ate a wonderful salad from the salad bar, and took the fetuccini alfredo home in a box
  • went to Walmart with madre and sister kaity
  • ate a watermelon sucker while driving up to Brookie's house with the windows down playing the tunes
  • slaved over the blasted math packet with Brookie
  • visited nicole during her "get ready for the dance" time
  • tripped down her front walk way as i was leaving (providing a good laugh for me and Brookie while laying on Nicole's front lawn)
  • got lost in Pleasant Grove trying to find the fastest way to state street
  • got a hot fudge sunday from McDonalds
  • listened to a live Coldplay concert while writing a letter to my future husband. weird, i know
  • went to the driving range at Cascade golf course in Orem and hit 1 and a half buckets of golf balls
  • took my second trip to walmart. Paul needed antifreeze
  • ate the fetuccini alfredo and watched my bean plant grow

And now, I'm going to go down to my room, build a fort over my bed, read my scriptures, color a picture of a lion, and wait for Colie to text me so we can chat about her wonderful adventure with Blakifer at morpskis! Cheers.

Love, Jessie

Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy List

Just for your pure reading enjoyment, here is a list of things that make me so very happy:
* grilled cheese sandwiches * summer thunderstorms * chips * black nail polish * cabins * quilts * card games * stargazing * holding hands * movies * golf, especially when it is overcast * my cello * carnations * photography * bracelets * boating * naps * milk * road trips * feeling twitterpated * peacock feathers * pottery * fountains * art museums *

Love, Jessie