Wednesday, February 6, 2013


do you have a dream journal?

i don't. i should start one.

but i do have a thing on my nightstand where i write my middle-of-the-night thoughts and insights. usually i think these things are brilliant while i'm writing them, (or i am not actually conscious while writing) and always i think they are weird and hilarious and dumb to read the next day.

so here was something i jotted down yesterday right as i was waking up (and probably coming out of a dream...)

i'm glad i decided against giving myself a bowl cut in honor of the super bowl, because i would be regretting it days later (today).

and to that middle-of-the-night insight i say:


and here's a nail art fail, while we're here.
valentine's day is ruined.

1 comment:

Brissa said...

I just had three exact same nail polish fail.