Wednesday, February 13, 2013

batch #4

::if you could pick any fictional character to marry, who would it be?::
SO HARD. like, possibly the hardest question, because i'm invested in the lives of so many fictional characters. lately, i'd pick ben wyatt from parks and rec. he is such a sweet, adorable, nerdy, smart, funny guy. and if the way he treated leslie was the way he treated me... yeah.

::5 things i would take on a desert island::
1. a black labrador puppy - to keep me company and for the adorableness (and maybe he could hunt for food....?)
2. all of the seasons of mad men and a dvd player - because i want to watch that series right now, but i don't have the time. i'd have time on a desert island.
3. can i take my family? my family. oops, that shoulda been #1.
4. a hammock. for obvious reasons.
5. the harry potter books. for obvious reasons.

::who is your favorite roomie?::
olivia, obviously, because she's the only one who reads my blog. i kid, all my roommates are babes.

::what made you start blogging?::
i started this blog in 2009, when i was 16. i think i wanted to blog because my sister had a blog, and i also read the rockstar diaries back then. who doesn't love that blog? come on.
writing this blog has been a really good way for me to document parts of my life, and it's helped me find the optimistic parts of each day.

::snog date dump - using your exes::
the author of this question and i made a gentleman's agreement that i wouldn't have to answer that. there's no tactful way to go about that game with real people you know. but it was a question that made me giggle.

::i just want to know if you ever get kind of tired of utah? and where else would you really want to live?::
utah is wonderful, but i do get tired of it sometimes, of course. i'd probably get tired of anywhere if i was there too long. i really don't love being landlocked, and i have a list of places i'd like to try living. at the top of the list are somewhere on the east coast like virginia, southern california (because maybe that's where my dream job is), pacific northwest, and since i've been editing a documentary about a guy from chicago... chicago seems pretty awesome.

::how do you be so fly?::
this question implies that i am fly. so i thank you for that. i don't really know how to be fly, but if i don't feel like i'm going to have a fly day, i watch funny youtubes.
this, this, this, this, or this, for example.


megan danielle said...

i love ben and leslie so much.

Jordyn said...


Mandy said...

Wyatt is mine too right now. It changes all the time.

Anonymous said...

because of this post, my roommate rankings have changed. sucker.