Friday, February 15, 2013

tv question

::what is your favorite tv show and why?::

if you know me, you know that i love tv, and i have my whole life. i seriously can't narrow it down to one show. or even like one genre of show. i like comedies, dramas, reality tv, talk shows, documentary-type shows, etc.

here's a list of my current favorite shows:

30 rock
parks and recreation
the office
new girl
modern family
friday night lights
how i met your mother
freaks and geeks
arrested development

but it isn't limited to those.
there's something about tv that just really tickles my fancy. it's a dream of mine to be a comedy writer, or a tv editor. it's such a fun, exciting industry, devoted to helping people engage in something that will enrich their lives. or maybe just make them happy. i think that's pretty great. and fandom is fun too, right?


lisa said...

first five. i can't stop watching them.

Sara Harris said...

parks & rec. ron swanson is the man!

friday night lights. oh friday night lights. i am seriously in love with tim riggins. youre a girl after my own heart