Monday, February 11, 2013

batch #2

::do you like to color?::
yes! i love to color and draw things, especially with colored pencils.
and actually, part of the job i get paid to do is coloring video. my job title is an editor/colorist.
so i really can tell people my job is to color. heh heh.

::does the broadcast building have any fun stuff to explore/good places to nap? i've never been in there cuz i'm a little scurred of it... but I AM SO CURIOUS ABOUT IT.::
the broadcast building is the building where i work. here's edit bay #1 where i spend a lot of time.

so YOU tell ME if there are good places to nap!
i don't nap at work, but if for some reason i needed to sleep over there, hide from an intruder, etc. edit bay #1 is THE place to be.
the the building really is an incredibly nice broadcast facility and i love working there. i love that i get to do something i like and that actually matters and get paid to do it as a college student! it's great. that place also has the cleanest nicest bathrooms.

::which byu electives would you recommend?::
i'm not really the authority on this, because pretty much all of my electives are within my major. BUT. i always recommend intro to film (tma 102). anyone can take it, the professors are awesome, the TAs are just people like me, and you watch a ton of movies. it's good for your soul.

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Lys said...

Good to know about those bathrooms...I'll have to give em a shot sometime.