Sunday, February 10, 2013

batch #1

::if you could be any kind of dinosaur, what would you be?::
a pterodactyl. because i'd want to be a bad-a dinosaur, but i'd also want to be able to fly away from confrontation.

::when is the best time to take naps?::
i mostly nap during class. but in general, i like the naps where you wake up and it's still light outside. i wake up from those naps feeling like a fairy princess. but if it's dark when i wake up, i hate everything. i'd say 12-3pm is my best time for naps.

::if your phone had a voice, whose voice would you want it to be?::
jude law's. i want to listen to his voice all the time always.

::do you have a favorite pair of socks?::
i have this pair of ankle socks that say "billabong" on them. they're thicker than the rest of my ankle socks so they feel better on my feet. and also, they are the only billabong product i have ever owned, so i'm living out a seventh grade dream when i wear them.

::snog, date, dump: les miserables edition::
this will be a two part answer.
snog marius, date enjolras, dump thernardier and everyone else gross.
movie version:
snog andrew tveit, date hugh jackman, dump russell crowe.

::will you marry my brother?::
this question came from wyatt, whose brother actually is in this post.
wyatt, i'll marry your brother if he can erase from his memory what a painfully awkward 17 year old i was.


Sara Harris said...

oh how i wish we were real life friends. we would have the best of times.

johanna said...

*Aaron Tveit* he's a beaut, although I prefer Eddie Redmayne. Loving this Q&A thing though. Keep it keep it up!