Thursday, February 14, 2013

batch #5 - hashtag realtalk

::are you dating anyone? tell us about your love story::

::please tell us more about your darling missionary. kthx::

::tell me about your missionary. because you know. i love that you have one. AND if your life was a movie, who would play you and your lover (yes. i just said lover. awkward)::

::tell me more about your missionary. spill the deets.::

::i really really want to know how you met reese, and anything else you want to tell us about him::

ok ok ok. i usually don't write a whole lot about boys and my feels on here. but you inquired, and this will be good to let myself be incredibly vulnerable for bit...

i am not dating anyone right now. but i do super like a boy named reese who is currently serving a mission in nicaragua. he's been there for nine months, and he's doing great. i'm writing him, and he's writing me back, and it's all good fun. and he'll be home in may of 2014.

i met him last fall semester. he was in my ward at byu, and we started being friends around christmas time. i started thinking he was really great and adorable, and he was super fun to spend time with. we actually volunteered at the provo missionary training center together once a week all winter semester. we both are fluent in spanish, so we were there to help the missionaries who were learning spanish. that was, like, my favorite part of the week. because i love speaking spanish, you know... ha.

the problem was that i was dating someone else at the time. little did i know that reese liked me too, so we secretly had the hots for each other for months.

the relationship i was in was kind of on the decline, so we broke up. and then i was super brave and told reese i liked him, and he said "yaaay" and that's that. the last bit of the semester were some of my favorite times ever. (and our first kiss was on a fire escape. felt like i was in a cool rom-com, what's up!)

he's from sacramento california, so when the semester ended and we both moved home, we skyped a lot (like a lot, ask my mom) until he left on his mission. and now we write. and he's like the most stalwart missionary nicaragua has ever seen, i'm guessing.

whew. so there are the contents of my heart spilled out upon this computer screen. i hope there's some more reese on this blog in the future, but we'll see what happens!

he's rockin the brandon flowers haircut right now.

and who would play me and my lover in a movie?
i think reese looks like a cross between brandon flowers and liam from one direction... so one of them would play him, and i would definitely be played by aubrey plaza (if we could blondify her).


Nathan and Kaitlin said...

I am so glad people asked this because I have been super curious. I love missionaries!

Cole said...

Yes, they did Skype A TON! Very sweet! lyt

lisa said...

so cute jessie!

Kelsey said...

yessss. love this.

megan danielle said...

ok, love this so much. so much.

Sara Harris said...

oh this is lovely. missionaries are the bees knees. and its almost been a year?? lucky girl:) he is a cutie. im happy for you!

Jenna Dobry said...

Ha! Aubrey Plaza is my fav character on Parks besides Ron Swanson of course. You remind me of her a bit, you're both sarcastic and stuff ya know? And missionaries are pretty great, especially when they come home! I hope all works out with Reese cause he's a cutie!