Thursday, February 7, 2013

questions and crap like that

I've never done this before. But I feel like it now. It's kind of fun for me to know who's reading. SO.

Part one:

Leave your name, where you're from, and your celebrity crush (or like top 5 if you can't pick one). Oh, and a link to your blog or twitter or whatevskis.

It will be fun for me to pretend I'm meeting you guys. And if I already know you and your face, tell me anyway!

Part two:

Ask me any question you want to ask.

I've never done that before, but I think it could be fun. And sometimes I wonder if my posts are incredibly vague and mysterious and you wonder about the weirdo behind the words. Ask me anything, from boring stuff like why I ate 7 turkey sandwiches this week, to normal stuff like my favorite kind of donut or about my oscars ballot, to asking me about awkward life stories. Whatever you want to know, or want my thoughts on. You know, anything!

So tell me about yourself and/or ask me questions. Ready set go.

(If no one comments, I'll just be embarrassed and try to erase my memory with that light thing from men in black and NEVER do this again.....)


Sara Harris said...

oh hey jessie, its me sara harris. i hail from the small town of Logan, Utah. i go to school there. but i also live in West Jordan on the weekends and holidays.

i have 2 major celebrity crushes: Mark Wahlberg and Taylor Kitsch.

now for my question(s):
// when is the best time to take naps?
// what is your first kiss story?

Jordyn said...

HEY IT'S ME JORDYN and I am from Denver, Colorado. My forever celebrity crush is Robert Downey Jr, but lately I am also obsessed with Dermot Mulroney and Ryan Seacrest. (side note: I just typed "Sexcrest" on accident. Seriously. #freudian)

Question for you: how do you be so fly?!

megan danielle said...

well, my name is megan thorne. i am from vegas. and my two celebrity crushes would most definitely be brad pitt and sam elliott. and i will ask you this...

most embarrassing moment
favorite vacation spot
the best day of your life thus far

also, i did this once, this whole asking questions thing...i got one reply back. so snaps for you for already having three! yay!

Beka said...

hey hey! my name is beka arnesen. I'm from the great city of pleasant grove, ut (I know your sister kylie and creepily found your blog through hers ha ha). celeb crush is definitely Rupert Grint. obsessed.
my blog:
question: if you could be any kind of dinosaur, what would you be?

Anna Elizabeth said...

Hey. So, awkward creepster here but I think you're pretty cool and funny. I'm Anna Lewis, from Highland, UT (Lone Peak), though currently at BYU. Celeb crush would probably be James McAvoy. Or someone else. blog:, twitter @annaelizalew (I think my tweets are more funny than the rest of me, but I haven't been on twitter for the past month or so, so that's sad). Question: If nothing but time and space were an option, what would your perfect day consist of? Thanks for being super cool and posting cool things, I appreciate it.

Janna said...

I feel like a dummy for leaving a comment because I usually like to creep from a distance, but what the heck, YOLO right?

My celebrity crush is Robin Hood, because he's "foxy"
My blog is and I welcome creepers (hint hint) I like that you post often because I like to blogstalk often so things usually work out pretty well.

I have a few questions because I am insecure about how cool they are, knock yourself out:

1. Do you like to color?
2.If you could pick any fictional character to marry, who would it be?
3.If your phone had a voice, what/whose voice would you want it to be?

emilee said...

oh. hi, jessie.
i'm originally from PG, but i now live in North Carolina. it's exciting.
celebrity crush: john krasinski.
twitter: eakeele

if you had a band, what would it be named?
also, do you have a favorite pair of socks?
(okay, i couldn't actually think of good questions. but i really enjoy your blog, so i thought i would participate.)

Mallory said...

Hey jessie! So I sorta know you way back from Junior High, anyway I'm pretty much a creeper. No big deal. Im from Lindon, Utah, and I'm totally in love with whatever actor plays prince charming in Once Upon a time.


Question - Favorite TV show and why?

Linds said...

Hey, hey, hey. My name is Lindsey, and I'm a pg kid.

I am in love with Adam Brody.. well, mostly his fictional character Seth Cohen. naturally.

(advice: don't start a blog in the middle of the night. or in tenth grade. some urls will stick with you forever)

Question: I want to know your favorite thing about growing up in the grove!

Cassie said...

I'm Cassie Wood and I live in Lindon. I adore Heath Ledger, I know he's dead, but I still have a crush on him. I know it's creepy, but he's gorgeous.

I'm not a big movie person, but if I had a movie night, what would you recommend I watch? Like top five or ten or so. :)

Cassie said...
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Madi Markle said...

Hey Jessie! Just another PG kid who creep-stalks your blog. It's fine. Only because I just marathoned three seasons of Community, I'd have to say Joel McHale. And while on the topic of TV's finest suit clad men, Matt Bomer is the best. Gay, but still the best.

Which BYU electives would you recommend, and snog date dump: les miserables edition

lisa said...

your blog is one of my favorite's so H YEAH i'm doing this.

my celebrity crush(es):
Skylar Astin
Adam Brody
Leonardo DiCaprio
Rupert Grint
Paul Wesley

and i really really want to know how you met reese, and anything else you want to tell us about him :) cause you guys seem cute.

W. R. Duclos said...

Wyatt Schrute. Scranton, PA. Jenna-Louise Coleman and Stephen Au.

Will you marry my brother?

Shaundra Barney said...

Hi Jessie, this is Shaundra. I too am from Lindon. Isn't it a lovely place :)
Celeb crush: James Marsden. Those eyes slay me. Too bad he's kinda a short guy. Oh also Neil from White Collar. Again with those eyes
Insta: shaun_matricia
Question: if you could be present for one moment in history, what would it be? Or/also if you could relive one moment from your past what would it be?

morgan. said...

hello from your stalker, morgan.
from california & north carolina, depending on the time of year.

my celebrity crushes include - jude law, channing tatum, apollo ono, josh groban, dolvett quince, JGL, chris evans, & victor kim, just to name a few. (i am totally & fully aware that this list is embarassing!)

my questions for you -
: what made you start blogging?
: who are your role models?
: what is the best advice you've ever recieved?

Lys said...

Howdy howdy howdy.
Alyssa from Orem.
I am secretly in love with Steve Zahn, don't really have a lot of evidence to back that up, though.

Does the broadcast building have any fun stuff to explore/good places to nap? I've never been in there cuz I'm a little scurred of it...but I AM SO CURIOUS ABOUT IT. Ok that's all.

Cammie said...

cammie hurst, from the grove. you are pretty much a local legend.
my celeb crush at the moment is Dermot Mulroney. such a stud. his movie griffin and phoenix is my favorite, but i also love him in my best friends wedding. the part where he sucks the ring off of julia roberts finger makes me swoon.
i don't really have a question, just something awesome that i wrote (like you i keep track of all the awesome stuff i think about at night when my mind isn't working, but i usually end up texting them to myself, it's whatevs.) so i woke up this morning with a text from myself that said "jessie should turn star girl into a movie." right? blown away, and i just had to share it.

Mallory said...

Sup Jessie.
Mallory from PG.
Jake Gyllenhaal, Brandon Flowers, Jude Law, and girl crush Emma Watson.
Let's hear what you'd bring with you on a desert island. 5 things.

Eryn said...

Hey Jess. I'm Eryn and I'm from lindon. My celebrity crush list doesn't have an end. My favorites right now are Niall and Zac. Wow I'm such a typical teen girl. Sue me.
My blog is
Oh and Snog, date, dump- using your ex's

Meg said...

hi babe. meg. north orem. emma stone & jude law.

are you dating anyone? tell us about your love story.

because i'm nosy & you are great.

Katy B. said...

Hey Jess! I'm Katy from Highland. Although right now I live in Provo because I'm going to BYU, same as you.

(Side story--I also work at BYU Broadcasting, and once I saw you in the building and felt foolishly like I was sighting a celebrity or something. So, yeah.)

SPEAKING OF CELEBRITIES: Leo DiCaprio, Jude Law, Zac Efron. Always Zac Efron.

Please tell us more about your darling missionary. Kthx.

Twitter, if you care: @katybready

Mallory said...


My name is Mallory, and I am from Alaska.

I love that guy from the TV show...Merlin. His name is collin morgan. I also love that one guy from the vampire diaries...Damon.

what is your advice for achieving success in life?

Kelsey said...

heyyy i'm kelsey, i'm from PG, but i'm leaving for alabama. i already feel like we know each other, which is weird. but whatever.

TAYLOR KITSCH. zach gilford. JGL. ian somerhalder. its pretty much a 4 way tie.

tell me about your missionary. because you know. i love that you have one. AND if your life was a movie, who would play you and your lover (yes. i just said lover. awkward.)

youre great. thats all.

Cynthia said...

I'm totally one of your blogstalkers. i like that you want to venture down this rabbit hole.
I'm Cynthia, we met once or twice, i think you're hilarious. from AZ. GENE KELLY IS THE MOST AMAZING HUMAN EVER. hands down my ultimate celeb crush.
Q for you: since you're a movie buff, what are your thoughts on Argo (or Ben Afflek) being 'snubbed' by the Oscars, and how much attention it is receiving from other awarders?

Deanna Ashworth said...

Hey Jessie
I'm Deanna, from Cincinnati, Ohio, but I currently live in the ATL.

I think my celeb crushes are a little weird.
Chris Messina and JAMES FRANCO

but also, I just want to know if you ever get kind of tired of Utah? where else do you really want to live?

Olivia said...

I'm Olivia :) I'm from Cokeville, WY! My celebrity crush is pretty much all of One Direction, especially Zayn and Liam. And a question...Who's your favorite roomie? :) haha you don't have to answer that for realsies...

kendall said...

Kendall Parker, also from Pleasant Grove. Matthew Bomer is obviously my celebrity crush, I don't care that he is gay, I will take him anyway!!! Or Heath Ledger, or Ryan Reynolds. Question: What is your weirdest pet peeve? Also, if you were in a room with a cauldron full of amortencia, what would you smell?

Deanna Ashworth said...

also I have another rather awkward question, and I hope you know I'm not trying to be ignorant, but I know BYU is pretty different from other typical American Colleges, but what is it like to be a young Mormon in college? Do you ever question the whole life-style?