Tuesday, February 12, 2013

batch #3

::what is your first kiss story?::
i was 16. the legend of my first kiss says that he missed.
and i will say that legend holds up -- his aim wasn't great.

::most embarrassing moment?::
once i fell off my bike in front of the boy i had a crush on. so, that was a major forehead slap.
more recently, i fell asleep watching Pather Panchali in class, and my friend josh next to me said i made sounds in my sleep. i get embarrassed easily, but can usually shake it off a few hours later.

::so i woke up this morning with a text from myself that said "jessie should turn stargirl into a movie." right?::
that book is so great. i'm surprised that hasn't been adapted into a movie yet! great idea, and thanks for thinking of me! once i establish some street cred, i'll get jerry spinelli tor produce, AND I'LL MAKE IT HAPPEN.

::if you could be present for one moment in history, what would it be?::
honestly, i would really liked to have been present at a Queen concert, a Michael Jackson concert, and a Beatles concert. i also think i would have liked to be around for one of the world's fairs in the olden days.

::what is your weirdest pet peeve?::
my main pet peeve is forgetting things. so that's why i obsessively write lengthy to-do lists for myself.

::if you were in a room with a cauldron full of amortencia, what would you smell?::
fresh cilantro and baby shampoo.

::if you had a band, what would it be named?::
hmm.. off the top of my head
tokyo reunion, freedom at best, or hands around spam.
but i'd probably be more of a solo artist. so i'd just be called jessie j.

just some concept art for a potential album cover i drew up real quick...

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