Monday, June 14, 2010

look at all the beauty still left around you and BE HAPPY - Anne Frank

movie trailers.
english accents.
Psalms 27:14.
saying "yo" after every sentence.
down comforters.
driving on university avenue.
imagining myself married to a professional soccer player.
wedding and engagement photos.
earflap hats.
red doors.
plaid flannel shirts.
the smell of the orem public library.
when a movie is just so awesome that you stay until the credits are over and the lights come on and the workers tell you to leave.
cake batter.
fuzzy kitty tummies.
green left turn arrows.
those black nike socks that boys wear.
reading biographies.
an unexpected nice text.
seeing the date in print on your birthday.
string cheese.
rain clouds.

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kylie said...

that's a pretty good list, thar.