Sunday, June 13, 2010

i'm a movie addict. sorry if i bore you.

K, it's time to talk about some more movies.

#1 - The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. This was Heath Ledger's last film; I'm probably the biggest Heath Ledger fan you know. I only proclaimed my undying love for him when I was like 12, so, I called him a long time ago. Anyway, I got it from redbox the other day. It was incredibly weird. Kylie put it well when she said it felt like a Salvador Dali painting the whole time. It was very surreal. And weird. And creepy. I really just watched it for the actors: Heath Ledger, Johnny Depp, and Jude Law. Colin Firth is just whate'r for me, but he was good too. I applaud the makers of the film for solving the problem of Heath dying; you wouldn't even know those actors weren't initially intended to be in the film. And Anton (Andrew Garfield) was pretty cute; I'd never seen him before. Ok, but honestly, I had no idea what was going on. It made The Labyrinth and The Brothers Grimm look completely normal. You have no idea what is happening until the last 3 minutes, and even then you aren't so sure. It was so obscure, that the minute it was over, I watched it again. Yep, I watched it twice in 3 hours and 20 minutes. It was MUCH better the second time.
Story: C+. It was really kind of disturbing, but a pretty unique idea.
Actors: A+ (it would be an A+++, except that Johnny Depp was only in it for about 10 minutes, and Jude was only in it for about 15. Oh, and it took 25 minutes for Heath to finally show up...)
Special Effects: A+
Cinematography: B
Music: B

I recommend it, but watch it edited. And watch it with an open mind. And try not to have weird dreams after.

#2 - The Invention of Lying. I quite liked this one. Again, watch an edited version. This one had Ricky Gervais and Jennifer Garner. And Tina Fey made kind of a cameo, which was cool. She's funny. The whole concept is about a society where no one can tell a lie; they always say exactly what they're thinking. It's pretty thought provoking, but mostly just fun to watch. And funny; there were two or three lines that made me laugh out loud. That's saying a lot.
Story: A
Actors: B
Cinematography: B
Music: uh... I didn't even notice the music.

You should watch it; it's good.

#3 - 10 Things I Hate About You. I haven't watched this super recently, but we bought it on the 'Zon and it's en route to our house. I'm way psyched to watch it again. Oh, Heath. I'll watch anything with him in it. This one is about 10 years old, and it's based on Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew. I like Shakespeare, so I like the story; it's pretty dang accurate, too. It's basically just a cute high school movie. Julia Stiles is good. Joseph Gordon-Levitt! He's really young in it, and super cute. It's a fun one.
Story: A
Actors: A
Cinematography: C
Music: A-

Watch it if you're in the mood for something cute, kind of out-dated, and involving handsome males.

I'm really diggin' these songs too. Take a quick listen if you like movie music.

The Ice Dance - Danny Elfman, Edward Scissorhands

Concerning Hobbits - James Newton Howard, Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

Panic, Shear Bloody Panic - Hans Zimmer, Sherlock Holmes

Movies... my first love.
Thanks for making it through this post.

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