Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Babysitter's Club.

Top 6 Worst Babysitters You Could Have:

#6 - Rasputin
Well, he's really creepy, really gross, and mostly dead. But he might be slightly entertaining to watch, unless he really lost it and sent his smoke demons after you.

#5 - Severus Snape

He'd be that babysitter that makes you want to shut yourself in your room the whole time. You would try to play with your toys as quietly as possible, but you wouldn't be able to concentrate because there is a creepy man in a billowing cloak prowling through your house.

#4 - Rothbart

He would be the one that is just purely cruel. He would try to make you do things you didn't want to do and mock you for fun. And he might lock you up somewhere.
#3 - Aunt Marge

For starters, she has an awful dog. She's cruel and would probably talk smack about your family the whole time. Not to mention she would drink all your liquor.
#2 - The Trunchbull

Have you seen the movie? She'd hammerthrow you, make you eat until you felt like you were going to die, and throw darts at your picture.
#1 - The Child Catcher

He'd be the worst, hence his name. He looks way scary and he prances around in a cloak and top hat trying to lock children in cages. You would shut yourself in your room trying to be silent, but he would be right on the other side of the door saying, "Lollypops.. Icecream.." and when you started propping large objects against your door, he would go around outside and peek in your window.
Top 6 Best Babysitters You Could Have:

#6 - Nanny
She's English, she would love you no matter what, she'd play any kind of imaginary game with you, she'd let you eat fudge, and she would read you stories until you fell asleep. She would be the babysitter that you actually want to hug when she has to leave.
#5 - Jason Bourne

Granted, he wouldn't be the most fun. But you would feel really protected while he was there. If a bully threatened your safety or if anyone tried to wrong you, he would beat their sorry behind and then drive you across the country to somewhere even safer. Really, would you complain if someone who looked like that showed up at your house?
#4 - Miss Honey

She would tell you all the wonderful things about yourself while you had a tea party.
#3 - Maria

She would sew you a new outfit, take you on a sweet day trip through the city, and play the guitar and sing for you. Then you could make happy lists.

#2 - Nick Palmer
He would turn on an italian opera and sing it at the top of his lungs while he made you some delicious gourmet meal. Then you would build a fort and he would play in it with you until you were hungry again, then he'd make you dessert and let you eat it in bed. And he's rilly attractive.

#1 - Mary Poppins

She's obvioulsy the ideal babysitter. You wouldn't have to worry about cleaning up your toys. She and Bert would probably take you on a cool adventure, she would let you sit on the roof enjoy the city at night, and sing you to sleep. Oh, and she can fly and has magical powers.

Babysitters are kind of like sushi; they're either really good or really bad.


oh you know the usual said...

this was a great one jessie! but i don't know what the child catcher is from...

kylie said...

so basically, julie andrews is the perfect babysitter. i mean, she takes spots #1, 3, and 6.

Mallory said...

i love this post.