Thursday, June 3, 2010

jersey thursdy

Maybe all I did today was read Roald Dahl books and make bracelets and cupcakes.
I love summer.

Here are a couple lame things that ended up being okay but not great:
1. I didn't win the UCCU contest. But they sent me $20 of pity money for participating.
2. I got dropped from online financial literacy. But I sent a request to be re-enrolled and I didn't have to completely start over.

But I can play "Let it be" and "Eet" on the piano, so it's all good.


meg. said...

oh man, do you have the piano music for eet?

Jenna said...

luucky. you should teach me. i'll teach ya raindrops.

Jessie said...

i do have the piano music for Eet.
Also, raindrops. That's a fun one.
Also, on the radio, fidelity, and samson. I have lotsa regina stuff.