Tuesday, June 29, 2010

JK Rowling is a genius.

I thought I should write a post in honor of the new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows trailer.
These are the top ten greatest moments in the the history of the Harry Potter films*:

#10 - When Fred asks Angelina to the Yule Ball (Goblet of Fire). I love the intra-Hogwarts love drama in the books. And I love Fred Weasley. Funny stuff in that scene.
#9 - The entire part in Prisoner of Azkaban when Hermione and Harry time-turn. I remember my mind being blown the first time I watched it.
#8 - When Harry meets Ron on the train (Sorcerer's Stone). Hello, it's Ron. How can you not love the first moments of their friendship. "Sunshine, Daisies, Buttermellow. Turn this stupid, fat rat yellow." Classic.
#7 - Perhaps the most epic scene, when the Aurors arrive at the Ministry of Magic and fight off the Death Eaters (Order of the Phoenix). Sirius has some incredible dueling moves. And they get so into fighting that Sirius accidentally calls Harry "James." It's so intense at that part.
#6 - Quidditch tryouts (Half-Blood Prince). Ron finally gets to play Quidditch, but he's real nervous. Especially after he is confronted by Cormac "hottest-quidditch-player-since-Oliver-Wood" McLaggen. That scene is dope.
#5 - When Fred and George disrupt the O.W.L.s and leave the school with a bang (Order of the Phoenix). Three words: Fred and George. That's all you really need to say. They show Umbridge who's boss in this incredibly rad way. Not to mention, the music at that part is sooo good.
#4 - Dumbledore's Army (Order of the Phoenix). First of all, they are all at the Hog's Head pub and they talk about how awesome Harry is for a few minutes. Then Neville finds the Room of Requirement (Awesome!), then they master these crazy spells (Awesome!), then Hermione teaches Ron a lesson by stupefying him (Awesome!), then there is some romantic tension between Harry and Cho (Awesome!), then Fred and George give Filch chocolates that make him break out in boils (Awesome!), then they all make patronuses (Double Awesome!), all the while outsmarting Umbridge and the Inquisitorial Squad. It's awesome.
#3 - The first potions class with Slughorn (Half-Blood Prince). Harry and Ron first get there and there are only two books left so they fight for the nicer one. Heehee, I love that. Then they are all stewing their potions but Harry is wasting everyone thanks to the Half-Blood Prince. Hermione gets all stressed and her hair frizzes from the steam. Then Harry wins a little liquid luck. Sweet.
#2 - The first Quidditch Game (Sorcerer's Stone). Just watch the scene again. You'll remember how truly awesome it is.
#1 - When they encounter Boggarts in Defense Against the Dark Arts class (Prisoner of Azkaban). Lupin is only the best DADA teacher one could have. He puts on that record and all the students get to defeat their fears. Snape wearing Neville's Grandmother's clothes: Priceless. Ridikulus!
*this list is subject to change... perhaps daily. It's hard for me to pick favorites when it comes to Harry Potter.


kylie said...

wo. that is a good list.
but what about the first time we get to visit diagon alley?
i love that part of the first one.

Lisa said...

or when Harry rides Buckbeak.
and the whole Triwizard Tournament!
rad list, i like this post.

Jenna said...

or right after harry and ginny hide the half blood prince's book in the room of requirement and ron catches up to harry,

ron: "so, did you and ginny do it then?"
harry: "what?"

ha! i love it.

Jessie said...

oh you guys. that's why we're so awesome. those things were all on my list. but i had to narrow it down to ten.
also on the list:
when harry goes to the burrow for the first time
the dueling club
quidditch world cup ("krum!")
when harry makes a patronus
snowball fight with malfoy

you get the idea.

Mallory said...

i loved it when harry takes the felix felicis too. he is so loopy and it made me laugh a lot.