Sunday, June 20, 2010

i'd really like to have a butler to help me pack stuff.

Martin: Shall we review your mother's list?
Annie: Mmhmm.
Martin: Now, let's see. Vitamins?
Annie: Check
Martin: Minerals?
Annie: Check
Martin: List of daily fruits and vegetables?
Annie: Check check. . . check for fruits, check for vegetables. Go on.
Martin: Sunblock, lip balm, insect repellant, stationery, stamps, photographs of your mother, grandfather, and of course, your trusty butler, me.
Annie: Got it all, I think.
Martin: Oh, and here's a little something from your grandfather... Spanking new deck of cards. Maybe you'll actually find someone on this continent who can whip your tush at poker.

Oh, I'm going to girls' camp this week. And I automatically read my packing list in Martin's voice in my head. No big deal.
I don't think we're allowed to play poker.. Shoot.


cai.hay said...

parent trap.
Such a great movie.

Jody said...

totally watched that movie this weekend. awesome.

Jenna said...

i'll miss you babe.

Kassie said...

I acted this whole thing out when I read it. I also followed it with their super cool handshake. Oh yeah I did both parts with myself. It was tricky, let me tell ya.