Sunday, June 27, 2010

girls camp yo

I kind of went to camp with this attitude:But remember how the Grinch's heart grows three sizes? I think that literally happened to me. Now I feel like I have the strength of ten Grinches (plus two) and my heart is softer. Good thing I went.

Much of it was probably thanks to this girl:

I won't go too much into detail, but meeting Tehiva was probably one of the best things that has happened to me in a really long time. After talking to her about her family situation back in Tahiti and how much she loves the gospel and the scriptures and how sincere she is when she bears her testimony and tells people she loves them made me really want to change and not be a Grinch anymore. She is seriously a rock. She officially qualifies as one of my heros.

This year at camp was by far my favorite. Being a YCL is the only way to do it. It was kinda lame that I didn't get to hang out with these guys as much, but it's all good.
I'm not actually that much shorter than Kirsten... I don't think.

I think 1998 was a really popular year to name girls Jessica. Because every other first year was named Jessica. And that's my name. And I finally quit answering to that name because there was only about a 12% chance someone was really trying to get my attention.

We had a huge dance party late at night in the lodge with stellar tunes. And there were no boys there. It was so boss.

We compared tans, of course. I think Valorie is secretly a persian princess. Whater.

I learned that I'm really really dependent on time. There were no clocks anywhere and it made me kinda crazy to not know what time it was all the time.

No make-up. Not to be a princess, but I really missed mascara.

When the bright yellow bird flew into the pavilion doors and died, of course Kirsten and Eryn were the ones to smirk and whisper "Dinner," while everyone else was crying.

All I wanna say is that I finally feel like I know for myself.
I love the gospel.


Kassie said...

So listen Jessica...we need to talk pronto. Cause let's just say I feel the exact same way. Aww yeah beb.

Cole said...

Jessie, you are so awesome! This is beautiful! LYT