Thursday, December 23, 2010

winter kid

Does it seem like people that are born in the winter seem to enjoy winter more? Whilst kids born in the summer seem to prefer that warmer time of year?

It's a weird hypothesis. Here is why I think this:

I am a January baby. I love winter. I look better and am more comfortable when I'm bundled up in a sweater and boots than I do in a sundress. Actually, I don't wear sundresses, but this is probably why. My sister Kirsten is also a December baby, and she looks really cute while she skis, etc.

My sister Kylie, on the other hand, was born in June. She doesn't look so good on the slopes (her words, not mine). But put her and my mom (also June) on the beach, and they are totally in their element.

Maybe this is a weird coincidence in my family. Maybe it's really true.


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

What a neat observation. I am a July baby and I absolutely love the warmer weather, the beach and yes sundresses too! =)

Kaleena J. said...

i agree with you on this.. except it doesn't apply to me. i was born in june but i love winter more and winter clothing. weird.

[love, kati] said...

hey. I'm a march birthday. and i like spring? yes spring. rain and flowers = puddle jumping and smelling good. you should become a scientist. or a psychologist.

sydnee said...

word up january birthdays,
i agree with this.
winter is my favorite.