Saturday, December 11, 2010

bane. but not the centaur.

one of my favorite phrases to use:
"______ is the bane of my existence."

but i don't really have too many opportunities to use it.

i can say that public bathrooms and calculus and dishonest people and the smell of bleach and wet socks are the bane of my existence,
but that is pretty much it.

i wish it was a positive phrase is all.
i could use it more often.

what is the bane of your existence?


Cole said...

being late ... people who are late without letting you know they are going to be late ... people that make me late and they don't seem to care ... staying out too late ... inconsiderate lateness in general is the bane of my existence

[love, kati] said...

potter haters. and swear words. the word flesh, potato salad and doctors offices. needles, mascots, big groups of birds.

i don't even know if i am using the phrase right.. but these are all the bane of my existence.