Monday, December 13, 2010


In my Popular Literature class, we had an assignment about our "inner animal."
Inner animal? That is basically a patronus, right? Yes.
So, for the assignment, we had to take the "animal in you" test.

Remember how I thought my patronus was a tiger?
Well the result I got from the test was

a prairie dog.

That is kind of a lame patronus if you ask me. So I'll be sticking with a tiger.
Harry could choose to be in Gryffindor, so I'm choosing my own patronus.

But you can take the test here, if you like. Knock yourself out. It's kind of cool, and maybe you'll actually like the animal you get.


miss mandi said...

i took it.
i am a rooster.
it's cool.

sydnee said...

apparently i'm a baboon.

Eryn said...

i'm a porcupine...

lisa said...

porcupine. but i like wolf better.

Nicole said...


Cole said...

wild dog ... also possibly a wolf ... REALLY?!

kylie said...

i'm a freaking sheep.
that's disgusting.
i'm sticking with my fruit bat patronus.

Hilary said...

Bat... I'm trying to decide how I feel about that.
Prairie dog is pretty hilarious, I have to say.

[love, kati] said...

i got a wild dog.
my patronus is not a wild dog.

check this out. tiger woods? he's a tiger.
i read the description and right there it said,
"Marry it? Yes. Tame it? Never." i think they nailed it.