Friday, December 31, 2010

twenty ten

Since everyone else in the whole blogosphere is summing up 2010, I guess I will too. In my family, we fill out "personal summaries" at the end of the year, so here is mine:

What I have been doing this year at home, church, work, and/or school:
Junior/Senior at PG. Early morning seminary president Junior year. KPGR radio president senior year. Varsity golf, 30 on the ACT, cello. Laurels first counselor. Keeping a comfortably messy room. Making plenty of videos. Blogging.

Vacations I went on: Las Vegas, Salt Lake City for orchestra tour (ha! doesn't really count), Cedar City, St. George, Fish Lake, Fort Lauderdale Florida, Orlando Florida - Universal Studios Harry Potter World!

Favorite books and movies this year:
Books: Harry Potter (always), Life of Pi, Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
Movies: Inception, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter 7 pt 1, Iron Man 2, 500 Days of Summer, Tangled. also, I started watching Chuck, which is the greatest.

The best thing about this year was:
Harry Potter World! Aaah, that was unreal. The whole Florida vacation was the best. HP7 premiere. Starting to actually be good at golf. Being a senior=little or no homework.

The worst thing about this year was:
applying for college, AP calculus, not passing any AP tests, not winning the UCCU short film competition, bronchitis, taking the ACT a million times

Accomplishments, achievements, awards, new interests or hobbies:
Finally getting a good ACT score. Finally finishing online Financial Literacy.
Took a picture almost every day of summer vacation. Wrote down what made me happy every single day of the year.
Started playing the ukulele. Fell in love with Food Network.

New Years Resolution for 2011:
Make more videos. Graduate. Learn to cook things.

Bring on 2011. It sounds promising.

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