Thursday, September 2, 2010

not a pageant girl.

#44 - Dinner (MANDATORY) for candidates, judges, and MC's, interviews follow
#15 - One person is allowed in the dressing room to help you.
#48 - There will be 3-4 judges who will judge you for the night.
#19 - all skits will be performed live, on-stage (no video skits)
#26 - Judges will be evaluating your confidence and grace
while listening to your biography as you walk.

Is this really necessary?
What a cruel world we live in.


Jenna said...

can i be that one person in yer dressing room?

Carrie said...

and can we make vote for jessie buttons please?

Jameson said...

can i wear a vote for jessie button at byu?

Cole said...

how 'bout a KPGR button that says "Jessie is our King"? then another button that says "now make Jessie Homecoming Queen" ... I like it

Mallory said...

I like the jessie is our king idea. Are you running for orchestra???

Hilary said...

JESSIE! Trust me, I'm not a pageant girl either. Someone nominated me to represent choir and I informed the entire class that I would be really awkward on stage... and they chose me anyway... and then I proceeded to be very awkward. Point to this comment: In the end, it's all worth it. And I'm not just saying this to be cheesy. Before the pageant started all the girls were back stage and we were all agreeing that, "even though all the preparation was soo stressful, this has been so fun!" And we didn't want the night to end. You'll be glad you did it, I promise.
Good luck! I'd vote for you if I could!