Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Once upon a time I was a sophomore. In my advanced video class that year, we made a short film called "Awkward Moments." I was cast as the female lead against my will.

I had to do a lot of awkward things. Such as walking into the boy's bathroom and running into Sean Tanner, getting denied a high five, Sean McClellan stroking my leg, and getting called to the office to take my diarrhea medication.

A few weeks after the film was completed, people at school started giving me weird looks in the halls and at lunch.

Oh, they saw the movie.

Then, one day, a boy yelled across the lunch room, "Hey! You're the awkward girl!"

Great. That was probably a bad way to start my high school career.


sydnee said...

i remember that video.
it was a great one.

caihay said...

well this makes me real happy.

Kaleena J. said...

HAHA! I am intrigued, I want to see this video.

Kassie said...

Prolly, you should post this video?:)