Saturday, September 25, 2010

feeling kind of girly

Just browsing Real Simple.
Here are some of my favorite photos today.

Hello, red hair. I love you.

It's really too bad I detest cooking so much.
Because I absolutely have a dish fettish.

Maybe one day I'll wear lipstick and look as hot as them.

I can see myself with a room like this in my house one day. Warm.

Carnations are my very favorite flower.
"Filler flower"? Please. They are gorgeous.
And that's what heaven will smell like.

Ah, another ginger. Looking super posh in front of a pretty house.

Quite liking these pretty things today.


Kendra Sue said...

I love the pics. I have a dish fetish too. I love looking at the D.I. or thrift stores for old 70 style dishes. I just think they have the coolest designs and colors.

sydnee said...

i also agree with the carnations.
people always hate on them.
but they're cute.