Thursday, September 16, 2010

I had never touched a real live missionary before.

Ever read 1000 Awesome Things?
It's really, well, awesome.

Today, a few things happened that deserve to be on the list of 1000 awesome things.

{A song came on that I didn't think I knew. But somehow I knew every single word. Or rather, my subconcious knew all the words. And I sang it all. And I knew when the key change was. Weird, but awesome.

{I wore my mocassins. Oh man, I love my mocassins. They make me feel like a champion. Awesome.

{Kirsten, Eryn, Kassie, and I were driving down the road when we passed a few missionaries walking on the side walk. I rolled down the window and waved at them and yelled "Wahoo! Missionaries!" because that's what we do around here. Then, one of them ran in to the road and up to the car and gave me a high five as we drove past. Let me tell you, getting a high five at 25 miles per hour is dang awesome.

Let's be awesome every day.

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Kassie said...

Missionary High Five. So good.