Monday, August 30, 2010

si senior.

A1 - French 1. Because learning languages is one thing i'm actually pretty good at, and I figure I'm making half my ancestors proud by learning it. On the first day, my teacher pronounced my french last name wrong. Good one. Whatever, I really like him.

A2 - AP US History. I love history. Love it love it. And a smile is permanently glued on my face because Newman is so hilarious.

A3 - Film Literature. My first thoughts on entering that classroom: this is Divination. The overhead lights are off; there are just a bunch of lamps. Rugs, curtains, shelves, real furniture, the works. Oh, and it smells good in there. Then Mr. Deans started talking and I could help but think of...

"My name is Professor Trelawney. You may not have seen me before. I find that descending too often into the hustle and bustle of the main school clouds my Inner Eye. . . .
So you have chosen to study Divination, the most difficult of all the magical arts. I must warn you at the outset that if you do not have the Sight, there is very little I will be able to teach you. Books can take you only so far in this field. . . ."
pg 102-103, harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban.

Well, I love movies. So I'm thinking I'll like that class, even if it's a little non-traditional.

A4 - Seminary. I got Taggart. That's who I wanted.

B1 - Orchestra. Walking into that class on the first day was like walking into a bad dream. Oh well, orchestra is what it is.

B2 - Radio 2. I like talking on the radio. If you live in Utah county (and pretty soon salt lake county too), you can listen to my show on Mondays from 4:00-5:30 pm. On 88.1 fm. You will love it. And I'm kind of the president of the radio club. Cool.

B3 - Advanced Video/Broadcasting. Which I love. Because editing videos is my favorite thing to do. Especially during school. It's my third year in that class, but I think this year will be my favorite.

B4 - Popular Literature. We read books and talk about them. Awesome. And Gallagher is super cool. And I have friends in there.

Notice: no math or science. love that.


Carrie said...

i'm listening to you on the radio as we speak.

you played Hero by Regina.

my favoarite.

Lisa said...

i wish i got taggart.
and i wish i took popular literature.
i wish i didn't take math.
and i wish i had your schedule.

Kaleena J. said...

That's awesome! Being on the radio sounds fun!

McKay V. Keetch said...

you will love film lit! you watch some amazing movies in that class. and deans teaches you to look at movies in such a different way. changed forever how i watched movies.