Sunday, August 22, 2010

harry potter world: part 7

one time, i was waiting in line to ride the hungarian horntail at harry potter world. there were two strangers in front of me. part of their conversation went as follows:

A: what the heck is a muggle anyway?
B: i think it's a little creature or something...
A: i have no idea what any of the stuff here means, but it's pretty cute.

they should have been kicked out of hogsmeade.
here's a lil sneak peek at harry potter world: part 8... inside of hogwarts. get excited.


[love, kati] said...

can i just tell you.. every time you put up a new harry potter world post, i get all giddy inside. i can't imagine actually going there.
we need to have an indepth conversation about it. and i need to come and see all the pictures with full explanations. yes?
oh.. and those stupid muggles who don't know their own culture.. blimey.

Cole said...

let's go again!