Friday, August 6, 2010

last night I had a dream I was in europe with joseph gordon-levitt.

Probably because I watched an interview yesterday of him talking about 500 Days of Summer.

He talked about why he and Zooey Dechanel have such good chemistry and stuff. He said one of the things he did was listen to She & Him every day on his way to work during the filming. He said he was 'just smitten by her beautiful melodies' and he knew his character would be too.

Uhh, he's cute. Speaking of She & Him....
I really gotta go to their concert on the 26th.


Carrie said...

ah i love him. should come with dobe and i.

Jenna said...

i carved his name in a necklace at young womens the other night. i can't get enough.

and we are without question going to She & Him.

sydnee said...

i've had a crush on him since ten things i hate about you.