Monday, August 23, 2010

not a big goal-setter.

i suppose the new school year is when a lot of people set goals. so, i could set a bunch of goals right now that will help me have a spiffy year..

-get up on time.
i've proven this one to be impossible eleven times over. i can get up on time for the first two or three months. but gradually, i start getting up later and later throughout the year. by may, i'm getting up 10 minutes before school starts. happens every year.
so i won't set that goal.

-be organized.
ha. i don't think i can be organized. all my papers are somewhere in my backpack, and that's all i need to know. folders are for sissies.
i won't set that goal either.

i'm not really into setting goals like that and i'm not exactly sure why. but there are things i want to do this year... i guess we can call them goals.

-limit myself to wearing one baggy sweater/sweatshirt per week
-join the rest of society by watching all three lord of the rings movies
-get a pen pal
-do my yoga dvds. like twice a week.
-read northanger abbey, emma, persuasion, and mansfield park
-hang out at ky's apartment more than i did last year

back to school this week. i feel like i've done this a million times. and i'm ready to be done.

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Cole said...

do I detect senioritis ... before your senior year even starts? YIKES