Tuesday, August 3, 2010

she was a daaaay tripper

We took a day trip to Logan, to watch operas, because we like to be full of culture and class.

We went to the oldest and smelliest book store ever.
I like bookstores. I like looking for weird titles.

These were pretty weird. But they don't beat the ones Kylie found with her roomates a while ago:
"Seduction at Christmas" and "Ravished by a Highlander."

Do you know what else I like? I like when songs say the age that you are:
"If I was seventeen I could find it in between the cushions of somebody's couch."
"Tell me 'bout the days when you were seventeen."
"When I was seventeen, I had wrists like steel."

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Kaleena J. said...

Jealous! I love book stores. Looks like you had fun.