Tuesday, May 4, 2010

sometimes i just have to talk about golf for a minute

I just got home from an 11 hour golf day.

It was region and I got my personal best. 112 on 18 holes. Got par twice. And I'm totally psyched.

Plus, I got to see "sudden death" between an Alta girl and a Brighton girl. That was intense.

Sam got nicknamed "Little Bear" after Jack Nicklaus by the Lone Peak coach. That was a big moment.

I chipped like a master.

Never touched my driver or my five iron.

I was 18 inches away from a hole in one on hole #6. I love my 3-wood.

Kiki and Cobair's dad looks remarkably like Albert Einstein.

I ate a whole foot long sub.

Oh, and my face? Boom, roasted. That means sunburned.

I felt good about golf today.

This is probably what I looked like when I was telling everyone to hold their applause after I parred hole #12.
Psyche. No one applauded me.
But, if there was a crowd, they would've.


kylie said...

basically, you rock.

Colleen said...

I agree, you do rock! Way to finish strong! LYT

Kassie said...

basically I want you to teach me your ways, because let's face it. you rock. period.