Saturday, May 15, 2010

orchestra made me do it

This is definitely my favorite way to spend a Friday night.
State orchestra competition.
This is when Alex put her contact in the drinking fountain.And this when we found out we had to stay for another hour.
Pasted on the grins. It wasn't all bad, don't worry.
We got superior ratings.
And we get a plaque.
And Mr. Beck is glad.

I realized that good things can come from orchestra.
Like when we make up raps:
"Dvorak in the house!" etc.
And I realized that without orchestra tour I wouldn't be friends with Carrie and Megan.
So, it's all good.


Steven said...

yes. oh dear i think i'm really going to miss it.


Carrie said...

oh no!
that was me commenting not my dad.
how embarrassing.

Kassie said...

Pretty sure I'm glad Mr. Beck won't be grouchy anymore. :)


And, I'm going to miss us.
Sad day.