Sunday, May 30, 2010

movies. are my life.

weird celebrity facts that i still can't wrap my mind around:
toby stevens is maggie smith's son. what?
jennifer connelly is married to ... paul bettany. yeah.

top three awesomest movie credits:
3. harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban (marauder's map.. remember? it's cool)
2. sherlock holmes (frames that turn into sketches. ahh, awesome)
1. series of unfortunate events (the weird macabre puppet things. dope)

favorite score composer of all time:
hans. hans zimmer. he's the man.

movies that i never get tired of watching and that have become an integral part of my being:
princess diaries
parent trap
harry potter
knight's tale
the holiday
sherlock holmes
cinderella story
series of unfortunate events
freaky friday
sword in the stone
muppet treasure island

love. movies.


[love, kati] said...

you forgot les mis. :)

there are quite a few that we have in common. but.. muppets give me nightmares. :)

i really like peterpan. and she's the man. holla.

sydnee said...

every single one of those movies i watch all the time.
especially princess diaries.
best. movie. ever.