Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"I was going to make you an omelet and tell you."

I watched Iron Man 2 yesterday. I loved it.
I will admit that there were too many plots. The whole thing with Dr. Fury or whatever wasn't really necessary. We were already dealing with Tony's failing health, Hammer, and the ghetto Russian guy.

I could have eliminated a character or two; sorry, Scarlett. I tried to like you, but I just don't. All you were good for was that fighting scene, which really could have been Pepper. Go home to Ryan.

The special effects were really good. I especially like all Tony's technology. Like JARVIS. I really want one of those. I'd especially like one with Paul Bettany's voice.

Was Pepper using a bump-it? I think she was. But I'm willing to overlook that, because I think she is really cool. I wish I could work a pencil skirt and heels like she can.

I liked Don Cheadle as Rhody. I didn't like that he was almost a bad guy for a minute. I was glad when he and Tony became friends again and they killed all the droids in the random Japanese atrium thing.

Oh, let's not forget Robert Downey, Jr.

Tony Stark, you are hot. You are a technological genius, which I love. When you get into your building mode, I go into a trance. I could watch you build stuff all day. You are incredibly well-dressed in this one; even your casual attire was fabulous. I liked when you made Pepper the CEO and when you finally kissed her on the roof. I was really worried when your blood toxicity was getting high and I thought you were going to die. And remember when you discovered the new element? That was so cool, probably my favorite part.
You were fabulous.
Ahh. Let's watch it again.


Jenna said...

i love this. he creates that new element, "that was easy." hahaha i love him.

i want to see it again.

kylie said...

"where do you think i've been for the past three hours?"