Tuesday, May 25, 2010

i was once a junior

things to remember about a rad junior year:

The Big Show, Les Miserables, early morning seminary, Van Dijk's laugh, "we love you, Winston", playing chess in the library with Brock Duclos, Risk, Spencer Rich telling me Happy Birthday every day for 4 months, Flood-it, getting 30 texts in a row from Hayden Anderson, pigcocks and other imaginary animals, "Fireflies" was overplayed, "They're just eating icecream. And that's ok!", tetris, heart-to-hearts with Cameron Tribe, "Dad, do you love me?", taco-eating contest, "You're not even gooood", chicken nuggets, prom, surveillance does, woman jokes, my secret year-long crush on Dallin Major, getting rear-ended, the math boys: Austin, Jason, Kirk, Nate, Jameson, and Cade, carrying around fake vomit (aka oatmeal packets), date train at Homecoming, the people who got some at urchestra tur, twist cones, X=1, watching football and basketball, long drives with Kati Briggs, Carrie and Jenna and Megan, long phone calls, "send him to the gallows!", going up north, not my [insert any word] not my problem, winning Boggle, friend-a-versary, handsome Mr. Beck, Kiki and Cobair, Wingers, Ke$ha, getting the coveted KPGR jacket, hibernation cake, golf, and pluto isn't a planet anymore = more vomit.

Pretty eventful year. And not bad at all.

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Kassie said...

Jessie. I love you.
End of discussion.