Saturday, April 3, 2010

well, today was unique.

  • i started getting halfway dressed the night before so i can sleep longer.

  • "heartbreaker" by taio cruz came on the radio 4 times today while i was driving.
  • i ate all my meals while driving today.

  • i felt incredibly awkward during biology.
  • i got silly putty stuck in ryan's wristband.
  • a random guy gave me a thumbs up on my way home from school.
  • people have been voting for my video!
  • i parred hole #3. aww yeah.
  • a british guy told me i looked very mature.
  • i got a frozen yogurt.
  • i am having trouble formatting this blog post. obviously.

good work today guys.


kylie said...

he did not call you "very" mature.
just mature. normal mature.
"a year...and a half...?"

[love, kati] said...

haha this gave me a good laugh. :)
and that yogurt looks very delectable.