Monday, April 19, 2010

i save weird quotes that i hear in my phone

and they will probably sit there forever. so i'll just share them here:

"If I par this, I'm buying a pony. We'll keep it in that corral and pet it when we're sad."

"He has a babe-a-licious voice that i just want to rub all over my body."

"Remember that one time he winked at me at the basketball game? It made me sweat."

"Where the heck are all my golf balls? Oh yeah, they're all in the hazards at River Oaks!"

"Dude, look at my neckmeat."

"The female charms the male with a wiggle and a seductive scent."

"I got it from"

"She's at home. Pregnant again.."

"You used to LOVE ketchup!...So much that it disgusted me when we were children."

"Every thing would be good deep-fried."
"Nuh-uh. Not poop."

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