Sunday, April 11, 2010

this girl should stay in a bed. and eat 2 ...apricots.

eating like a man stops today.

if i wasn't afraid of spending money, i'd blow it all at h&m, urban outfitters, and aldo.

i'm doing terribly on my new year's resolutions.

i have a lot to do. it'll be hard not to fail most of my classes this term.

sherlock holmes.

i'd love to have cute red hair like her.

oh, and i'm living on the east coast when i grow up.


kylie said...

i love sherlock holmes. that is all.

Jamie said...

I thought you were living everywhere, and owning hotels across the world.

Colleen said...

our hair is just a couple shades away from her ... but once you go red there is no turning back
also, I love Sherlock Holmes, too