Friday, April 23, 2010

I need to take about 600 deep breaths and tell myself to keep my cool.

I don't really know what to blog about today.

Maybe I could tell about how I told a random scary guy from my history class that he was in my dream. He took it surprisingly well.

Or maybe about how broth, legume, and hearth are weird words that I don't like to say.

Or about how much homework I have and how bad I already have senioritis.

Or about how awesome my friends are.

Or about how you can still be voting for my video every day. And I hope people are.

Or about how my big sister is moving home and I will finally be able to quote movies again without people thinking I'm crazy.

Or about how I found a cool picture of RDJ.

Or about how it's finally the weekend. Hooray.


cai.hay said...

Jessie! Can we please be best friends?! I quote movies all the time and people think i'm crazy too! We should probably play and quote some movies.

miss mandi said...

or maybe that we should be friends too?

Jessie said...

let's all be best friends.