Friday, April 30, 2010

time for april's happy list, ya?

lunch, getting par, watching a movie i have never seen before, Sherlock Holmes, palm trees, brightly colored tile backsplashes, in-n-out, trivia, laughing till i cry at a Snape impression, boys that are cute with small children, the rockstar diaries, golf buddies, found a dress, seminary, twist cones, Riley from National Treasure, watching movies on my iPod in my bed, NOT the calculus marathon, flower headband, feeling the spirit, driving the camry, blossoms on the trees, when there is mist on the rolling hills and i feel like i live in Ireland for a minute, I'm done taking antibiotics!, throwing stale crackers at ducks, saying "it's tee time chaps" in an english accent before a tournament, my history teacher whaat?, watching The Incredibles in spanish, crack on the radio pizza

this month was rough.
but looking back on my list... not bad at all.
everyone should make happy lists.

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