Saturday, November 21, 2009

Week in Review

Leggings aren't pants
I have no self-discipline when it comes to Super Stacker 2 and a biology essay
Radio 2 DJs are capable of an INSANE game of catch phrase
Johnny Depp is, once again, sexiest man alive
Cat Stevens, Regina, and John Mayer soothe my soul
Kneader's French Toast really IS that good
Brazil has "Black Awareness Day"
I love Les Mis
Oreos do not stick to car windows in 32 degree weather
Macey's makes a mean twist cone
Ryskees Moonbeam
Chess board #4 is unlucky
Unexpected facebook messages are always welcome
MGMT is great for pre-mutual dance parties in the family room
A Weasley beats a Cullen
Emily Blunt is probably the luckiest girl ever
I know several boys that have cleaner shaven legs than I do
I love seminary
Rest in Peace, Heath
Swine flu shots = no pain whatsoever
Procrastinating financial literacy homework is my talent
I don't like getting 30 texts from Hayden Anderson during orchestra
Seeing what's left of a car accident is no bueno
I am, and always will be, a sucker for brown-eyed men
I love my friends
I'm getting progressively worse at calculus
I believe there is no such thing as a "normal day"
It was a waxing crescent, not a new moon
Ryan Moon cracks me up
Cruise control is great
Typewriters weigh more than I do
I want to be like Miss Smithson when I grow up
Math humor rocks (I'm "inte-girls," "Joe < Jameson")
I'm officially afraid of my A4 class
A turkey can be deep fried, but only when a ladder is involved
Rockstar Diaries is sawweet
The Big Show usually makes my day
In-n-Out is open in Orem
I know someone that was born in a prison
Mr. Van Dijk experiments on animals
Canada seems like a nice place
Jack poops under leaves
I should cut the crap; eat less junk
Pink dress with peach influences arrived
Potato skins bacon and chedder aren't that good
A spiritual journal was a good idea
A cell phone can easily get stuck between the mattress and the frame of the bed
Warmer, colder
Brock Duclos is a high quality person
I love the scriptures, prayer, and feeling the spirit
20 push ups
You can only read the marquee through the biology window so many times
Brother Whimpey dominates
That one kid is a phlem nugget
"Love you, bye" is my very favorite way to end a conversation
If i get another text from the school, I will spank a kitten
Creepers ask you for pictures of yourself in the middle of the night
Adding "skees" to the end of any word makes it coolskees
Boom, SEE YA!
Silly puddy
That pink worksheet gives me the willies
Cade Wilkes drank enough water to fill a small swimming pool
"I'd get a thousand hugs from ten thousand lightning bugs"
Poison is the worst book ever
Wrigley's spearmint gum
Mr. Prestwich can see into your soul
I'm more of a nerd than I thought
Humans are bad for the environment
Rhubarb=the reaper?

This week might go down in the history books.

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kylie said...

you're pretty much the coolest person i know.