Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tank you, Andy. Tanks.

I'm thankful for the Harry Potter books, and how I feel at home when I read them.
I'm thankful for sweatshirts. I wear my Les Mis one, my KUER one, and my red one, and basically nothing else.
I'm thankful for my dad's employment. We get to do a lot of cool things.
I'm thankful when I wake up early on a Saturday morning and I get to roll over and go back to sleep.
I'm thankful for my friends. Without them, I wouldn't have any friends.
I'm thankful I can drive, and I have the means for doing so.
I'm thankful I don't have to walk two miles to get water for my family.
I'm thankful when I have a nice little surplus of money.
I'm thankful for those people that motivate me to go to school.
I'm thankful for the gospel, the Book of Mormon, and the Atonement.
I'm thankful for Nicole Darais. Without her I would probably be dead, or worse: expelled.
I'm thankful that I only have to go to approximately 50 more periods of Mr. Kurtz's class.
I'm thankful for my family. They're basically the coolest.
I'm thankful for movies. They are how I find solace.
I'm thankful for technology, but not as much as you, you see. Always and forever.

Forgive me for posting this a couple days after Thanksgiving.
But hey, we should all be thankful everyday of the year, right?

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