Wednesday, November 4, 2009

little letters.

dear hawaii,
you are pretty.
i'll be back soon.

dear miley,
i really like your song.
i really hate you.

dear body,
sorry i don't drink enough water.
i'm working on that.

dear paper doves,
i'm very tired of folding you.
fold yourselves from now on.

dear calculus,
i'm getting really sick of you.
please stop giving me grief.

dear mr. kurtz,
you are the creepiest man alive.
besides creed bratton.

dear throat,
why do you hurt me all day long?
what is this magic?

dear shrimp fried rice,
i've been craving you for days.
please grace me with your presence.

dear st. jeezy,
i'm excited to come visit.
see you soon.

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